Best Food for the Mum-to-be available at Redmart

Health concerns are of equal importance whether it is men or women. Both needs to take care of their lifestyle and on what eatables it is all dependable. It is commonly known among people that women are weaker as compare to men. The reason being they going through such hard internal processes which require a lot of strength. Keeping their diet good is the only thing which can help them in fighting the hardest of time periods which are being faced by them.

Redmart Singapore is that one grocery store which has hefty solutions for the women specially who are planning out to conceive. A healthy pregnancy leave great impact on mother and child as well and for this eating all good and fresh is the major requirement.

We all must have seen many people in the family or among friends getting pregnant which is one of the most beautiful experience of lifetime. The first time parents get a lot of instructions coming from elders in the family to make them have the best of which is their need.

It is advised that preconception health should be taken care of to give a kick start to the pregnancy time period. The major nutritious food is the potential success for getting pregnant and leading a very good time when you have conceived.

A general recommendation is provided to the women to start preparing themselves for pregnancy at least three months before actually getting pregnant. You need to change your lifestyle by quitting smoking, reducing stress, maintaining healthy weight and have a diet which is comprised of all the fresh and organic stuff to support you. Redmart is the major key for you lucky women out there which keeps on providing the fresh fruits & vegetables, meat & seafood, bakery items, dairy and many other products. The following should comprise the diet of the mother-to-be in order to maintain the health of child and mother both.



A childbearing women should focus more on dark and leafy greens which include spinach, kale, citrus fruits, and whole grain which are the major source of providing folic acid to the body.



Protein such as turkey, chicken, salmon and eggs are the good source of iron. Along with these it is recommended to use lots of citrus fruits to absorb iron with vitamin C rich foods. Beans, legumes, tofu and many other also contain the sources for providing the right quantity of protein.

Healthy Fats

Like other necessary vitamins and minerals it is also good to balance the fat in the body. The goof fat helps in making breastfeed and take care of the depression and mood swings in the mother-to-be. Taking in a lot of chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, avocados, olive oil, salmon has been proving beneficial in getting the right amount of fat to give boost to the body of the pregnant woman.


Intake of complex carb keeps you fuller and healthier unlike plain carbs. This helps in prevention from insulin resistance. Using lots of vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes helps in making woman healthy and take care of the body and lifestyle.


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