Treat yourself with Best Calzone at Menulog

We are a big family and are Italian food lovers. We all are a big fan of Calzone and it is quite famous in our family. We recently tried Menulog promo codes and ordered our calzone through their services. My father was the first one who introduced calzone to us it sounded like a mini or a suburban form of pizza but when we tasted it we really felt that it was different. Pizza and calzone look like the same thing in many ways but taste wise they both are very different. It is quite easy to avail Menulog discount and voucher code, making life a happening one for all food lovers.

I and my cousin had a bet on this same thing. I was pretty sure I would win the bet. He had recently come back from his vacations from Philippines and told me he had eaten the same thing over there. He was pretty sure that what he ate was a pizza and not a calzone.


So we both sat and started searching through our options in pizza and calzone. We both had to order the same flavor in Calzone and pizza so that we could really see the difference. My cousins Thomas was using the [platform for the first time so he got a Menulog coupon code. I was on the other hand using Menulog for the third or fourth time so I was also granted their special discount voucher.

We both went forward with the same European classic flavor with lots of cheese and pepperoni. The order was supposed to arrive in half an hour and me and my cousin were running through all the baits and treats we would be giving each other. At the end of the argument it was decided, whoever is right will be treated with calzone and the person who loses the bet will be paying the Menu log bill.

Our order was supposed to arrive in half an hour but Menulog delivered it to us in twenty minutes. The order was supported with these gracious discounts for some new menus that had been recently added to Menulog.

Thomas and I took our first bites both of pizza and calzone and I could see how Thomas had a change in his expressions as he went through his first bite of Calzone. He was amazed at how cheesy calzone was and how the topping was much more meager on the pizza when compared with Calzone. The best part about the bet was I was going to eat all the pizzas and calzone ordered for free and with additional Menulog coupons.

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